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Please see the attached letter from HQ re chain of enquiry


If you have a Motorhome/Camper and use the Mersey Gateway Bridge then read on

We have a region member who has sent the following to us to share with you all about the Mersey Gateway Bridge

It was identified that the fees to cross the Mersey via the Mersey Gateway Bridge for all campervans and motorhomes regardless of size was to be £6….

The Region member had the opportunity to use the new Runcorn Bridge.  The automatic fee generated by his motorhome was £6.

The procedure recommended by the Club Technical department in the magazine was followed where he contacted Merseyflow by email to simply saying:

“I understand from “The Camping and Caravanning Club” that if I write to you with details of my V5C document showing that my vehicle is a motor caravan in Category N1 you will classify it as Class 2 rather than Class 3 for future tolling purposes. Please find attached a scan of my V5C.  Please classify me as a Class 2.”

Within a couple of hours they replied and had reclassified his van so that the Region member “only” has to pay £2.  They even refunded the excess £8 for his original trip.

We are telling our members about this success and promoting this to all our motorhome owners.