Here are some reminders that we need to be safe while out camping

  • The most important aspect of pitching is to ensure all units, including their awning and pup tent(s), are pitched 6 metres from the adjacent units.
  • It is not possible to lay down an exact grid layout for any given campsite because of the varying geographical features.
  • Where there is an ‘open field’ situation, the typical layouts shown below will cater for most situations.
  • The total ‘accommodation area’ available is 36.6 sq metres and each must be sited 6 metres apart. A car may be parked within the 6 metre space provided 3 metres clear space is maintained between the outside edge of the vehicle and the adjacent ‘accommodation area’.
    NB. A pup tent may be pitched close to the main unit provided it is not used for cooking purposes and does not incorporate a light with a naked flame.
6m Rule and Camping Guidelines
6m Rule and Camping Guidelines

The minimum wall-to-wall or awning distance must be 20ft/6m.

Please keep a full bucket of water outside your unit – this will ensure an immediate supply of water should a fire break out anywhere on site.

5 MPH on site. Stay in first gear!
No vehicular movement between 11pm & 7am

No BBQs to be placed directly onto the grass, please use blocks/stands (also do not put frying pans/hot plates directly onto the grass as it kills the grass).
Ashes to be placed into your bin and taken home (when cold).

All rubbish to be taken home. Please check your pitch is free from rubbish when leaving.

To be kept on a lead at all times.

Are not permitted to be used indoors at club events.

Toilets must only be emptied at a suitable disposal point and must not be cleaned at drinking water taps.
Do not put baby wipes down the Elsan as it can block the pipes.

If a member’s behaviour, or the behaviour of member’s children or pets, is causing a nuisance, the site owner or steward is permitted to ask the member to cease the behaviour or leave the site.

The Camping and Caravanning Club
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